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Ideas book 3 : for little & big KIDS

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Ideas book for little & big KIDS with le Vinyle Laqué Perforé®, with pictures, diagrams, simple and detailed step by step, to allow everyone to make objects & accessories with Le Vinyle Laqué Perforé®.

Here is a new fabric that really catches the eye. Resistant with a glossy finish, it’s ideal for making games and little accessories, either with children or for them.
You'll find it quick and easy to cut, sew or embroider thanks to the clear and regular perforations. Take your pick from the range of bright, cheerful, modern colours, and let your imagination run wild as you adapt and personalise our creations to your liking. This is our first collection of designs for "Little & Big Kids" with Le Vinyle Laqué Perforé® but there will surely be more, there is so much to do with it!


  • 36 pages
  • Dimensions : 22 × 22 cm
  • Creations Monique Lyonnet & Sylvie Haziot
    For Studio MILPOINT

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    Objects & accessories in the ideas book :
    Baby scrapbook cover
    Baby dummy pouch
    Baby wipes pockets
    Memory card game
    Letters & numbers card game
    Pencil case
    Dominos game
    Dominos game case
    Checkers board
    Playing cards holder


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